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  • Dr. Scheiner on The Doctors
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Dr. Scheiner on TV

As one of the only physicians in the world able to successfully treat eyelid Festoons, Dr. Scheiner is often asked to speak about his work. He's been honored to be a guest on more than one major television show.

He was recently featured on the popular Dr. Oz Show, where he demonstrated how his proprietary RESET™ treatment can radically transform patients’ appearances and lives.

Watch patient Donna Mart’s incredible transformation here:

Dr. Scheiner on The Doctors

Dr. Andrew Ordon of The Doctors TV show said, when introducing Dr. Scheiner during Dr. Scheiner's guest appearance, “You call them Festoons; another way to describe them is malar bags, which has been traditionally a very tough area to treat.”

Festoons, malar mounds, malar bags or eye bags--no matter the name you might use to describe them, Dr. Scheiner's RESETTM procedure removes them. Watch patient Erin Bessette's transformation:

Tired of looking tired?

Dr. Scheiner explains causes and treatments for lower eyelid bags and Festoons. Click the image below to watch now.

Before and After Botox

Discover how you can restore your own true beauty.

The True Definition of Beauty
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