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Marilyn says she does the “Happy Feet” dance every day now, all because of Dr. Scheiner’s procedure.

Dr. Scheiner reverses the damage Debra had from the under-eye fillers she received from another doctor.

No longer looking tired after eyelid surgery, Karen was mistaken for her 21 year-old son’s girlfriend.

Jacklyn never wanted to leave the house. But that changed after she saw Dr. Scheiner on Dr. Oz’ show.

Dr. Adam Scheiner is a world-renowned laser eyelid and facial cosmetic surgeon, and is the founder of RESET® Treatment for Festoons, and RESET for Sun Damage.

He is the author of The True Definition of Beauty and has been featured on the Dr. OZ Show, The Doctors, the Howard Stern Show, as well as in the New York Post.

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